How Playing Poker Benefits Us?

  • An understanding of probability and risk
  • An ability to make decisions under pressure
  • A talent for understanding what other people are thinking, both from their explicit behaviour and from more subtle signals like body language
  • A useful level of numeracy
  • A set of sometimes interesting and sometimes only-interesting-to-you stories to regale your friends with
  • Discipline from eeking out a small advantage in a game with high levels of luck in the short-run and avoiding going “on tilt” when things are going badly
  • Multi-tasking skills if you choose to play multiple tables online simultaneously
  • Enjoyable evenings with your mates
  • The potential for making some money

Of course you could also end up as a pasty-skinned, unfit, unhealthy, bankrupt homeless person who hasn’t had a proper conversation with anyone in years, so you might want to keep that in mind too.

well some the common benefit you get is

Emotional Maturity:

you’ll be emotional mature, players go through good as well as bad luck while playing. Whatever the luck is, players learn to celebrate success as well as handling losses. There are lot’s of online poker software available where you can show your emotion on every phase of game, when you win or loss.

Observation skills:

your observation skill is improve every on round of game, this skill of understanding facial expressions and body language to helps in the strengthening of the relationships.

Better Decision-making ability:

its good way to be better decision maker every time when you lose game or win you change you decision as per situation, so it’s biggest benefit for all

Money Management:

it’s another big benefit to learn how to manage your money on different situation when you win you can learn to save some money for future game and when your in lose also you can change money control to less spend on every round.

Improves your concentration:

yes, it’s true you improve you concentration power behalf of every situation. And last but not the least you can improve you communication skill as well.